Computer Buddy

Private Computer Tutor for those who do not even know what Windows is

Relax! Your computer will not attack you! I can help.

What I do

If you have a computer, iPad, iPhone and they seem like otherworldly entities, but you are tired of asking impatient relatives for help, I can help you learn the basics.

I am not a computer tech, nor will I teach you hard programming languages. I will teach you how to use your computer in your day-to-day, depending on what you already know or even if you don't know anything. If you don't even know how to turn on your computer, relax, I will teach you. I will go to where you are if you are within the serviced area, or we can talk through your preferred method: phone, WhatsApp, Skype. And if you don't have Skype, I'll teach you how to install.

I teach how to install and use Office (Word, Excel, Power Point). How to use the internet, to connect to wi-fi and landlines. To scan your photos or documents. Use the computer file explorer and the internet browser. How to create email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts or whatever account you might need and how to use them. Basically, whatever you need to learn to use your devices.

I also teach Photoshop basics, if you have it and want to tweak your photos.

Systems which I service

I work with Windows, IOS (iPhone and iPad) and MacOS.

You will be learning on your device

Those computer school courses are great and have all the latest market trends, but then when you get home and start up your computer, that path they taught you and that you wrote down carefully doesn't work. That is why I teach you on your computer, on your scanner, on your phone or tablet. So that once I leave, you can still use what you learned.

A bit about me

My name is Adriana Cerdeira and I graduated in Advertisement at PUC-SP. I worked with video editing and production, translations, communications in international media and I have been studying and working with programming and Web Development since 2014. Check out my CV here.

In addition to Portuguese I am fluent in English and Spanish and I manage in Italian, in case you are not Brazilian and would prefer to communicate on a language other than Portuguese.

Services I render

  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Basic concepts to be able to confidently use Mac and Windows computers, iPhones and iPads
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Photo and documents scanning
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Emails, Webmail configuration
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: How to use Emails, Webmail
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Communication apps: Skype, WhatsApp, Google Talk, etc.
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Basic notions of Photoshop, Paint, Webcams and mobile devices' cameras
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Using browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Wi-fi and cable connections
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Software install and uninstall
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Basic computer maintenance software such as CCLeaner and AVGTuneUp
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Other software the client may need help with, pending consultation
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: System formatting (Windows)
  • Computer, iPhone and iPad tutoring: Translations and transcriptions
  • Services of help to scan and send documents
  • Social media creation and maintenance
  • Web Development
  • Simple video editing

Payment method: I charge by the hour. Payment can be made in cash, check or bank transfer to Itaú Bank or PayPal.

Service area: I service the following São Paulo neighborhoods: Bela Vista, Cerqueira César, Higienópolis, Paraíso, Jardins, Vila Mariana, Vila Clementina, Mirandópolis and areas serviced by the Green, Yellow and Blue São Paulo subway lines (within 10 minutes walking distance of the subway station). For students who are outside my service area but would still prefer to meet, I am also available to meet in public areas within this service area.

Outside my service area, I use a combination of TeamViewer and phone or WhatsApp: +55 11 98289-2415 or via Zoom, Skype, Meet or another video conference app of your preference.